CANEGROWERS co-ordinates training and capacity building support programmes for black sugarcane growers.   Whilst the majority of funding is sourced through the sugar industry’s Grower Development Account (GDA), partnerships are also entered into with external  funding agencies.   Strict financial controls are applied to funds used for the training and capacity building programme.   Training offered is co-ordinated by the Shukela Training Centre (STC), the sugar industry’s FET that specialises in agricultural and engineering courses that align with the needs of the sugar industry.    Agricultural skills courses offered include:

-sugarcane agriculture (disease identification, fertlizer application, cane estimates)
-supervisory training
-statutory courses (Health and Safety, First Aid, Crane Operator)
-mechanical (elementary tractor mechanics, tractor care, welding)
-farm business management courses

CANEGROWERS, through its Grower Support Officers, undertakes a thorough annual training needs analysis in local cane growing areas.  Training requests are submitted to the Head Office for analysis, collation and costing.  Once this process has been completed, a submission for funding is made to the GDA for approval.    Service providers are then identified to tender for the delivery of the training  programme.  A close our report is provided to the GDA on an annual basis.

CANEGROWERS has identified the need to introduce farm and financial business courses at an intermediate and advanced level to assist growers with up-to-date financial and management skills.  During 2013/14 season these courses will be developed and introduced.  This type of course will be particularly useful to new land reform growers,  project managers of community projects and co-operatives.  The advanced course will meet the needs of established growers who have not previously attended a specialised Farm Management course.  The course content will also be useful to sugar industry employees who act in advisory capacity.

Training enquiries: or 031 508 7200